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Embers Adrift Just Opened $50 Preorders With Access To This Weekend’s Alpha And Beyond

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Embers Adrift is a first-person, open-world action-adventure game with a focus on exploration and crafting. It’s set in a vast and mysterious world, where players must survive and thrive as they explore the unknown.

The storm haven studios is a new company that has just opened preorders for their upcoming game, Embers Adrift. They are offering access to this weekend’s alpha and beyond.

We’ve been monitoring Stormhaven Studios’ movements since the business announced that Saga of Lucimia will be rebranded as Embers Adrift after the strange departure of the game’s original creators earlier this year. The business stated this summer that it had secured enough funds to debut and that preorders would begin in October.

The month of October has arrived, and the game has begun accepting preorders as anticipated. Preorder gamers will be invited to the game’s test this weekend, followed by “regular weekly test sessions” on Wednesday evenings, according to Executive Producer John “Drindin” Gust. The emphasis of this weekend’s test will be on the beginner experience in the first two zones.

Source: mmorpg.gg

“In these early zones, we’re concentrating testing to evaluate early gameplay advancement, balancing, servers, and the social system,” Gust adds. “As the weekend testing go, we’ll be able to unlock additional content as we move our attention to other aspects of the game.” As we fine-tune or modify material, testers should anticipate regular character wipes. Because the NDA is still in effect, testers will be unable to broadcast, share screenshots, or record video.”

The game, access to the alpha and beyond, headstart access, and a month of playing time are all included in the preorder price of $50. If you supported Lucimia while it was still available for purchase, all of your funds will be carried over to the rebrand, so you won’t have to buy it again. “All prior pre-alpha and alpha purchases have been moved to Embers Adrift,” according to the FAQ.

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